If you have surplus inventory – home accessories, artwork, clothing or furniture – that you don’t have room to display in your retail space, or which simply isn’t moving in your store, look to Orange Bay Company for assistance. With our eclectic mixture of wares and a broad base of repeat clients, we can help you sell slower moving merchandise and free up prime retail space.

Orange Bay Company treats all consignments with confidentiality and our buyers never know the source of items we’re selling.

When you consign fittings, fixtures or surplus inventory to Orange Bay Company, we will display those items in our showroom for up to 90 days where they will be viewed by hundreds of potential buyers. When an item is sold, you will receive 50% of the proceeds. If, after 30 days, an item has not sold, we’ll drop the price by 15%. After 60 days, we’ll drop it a further 15%.

If you’re considering consigning items, please read our general Terms & Conditions. You can also download a copy of our Consignment Contract.