Orange Bay Company

Donna HarveyMaybury

While we knew that Orange Bay Company specialized in selling great second-hand furniture and accessories, we did not know that they were capable of staging. It so happened that I mentioned to Delight that my parents furniture was not going to be on island in time for their newly renovated apartment as they were expecting their first lot of guests. Everyone was in a panic until Delight and Rudy took over. They took perfect pieces and created the most lovely and comfortable setting in every room. Their eye for detail was second to none – right down to the piece that was put on the dining room table. The guest arrived and loved their accommodations with a view of returning. My Mom, while she adores her newly renovated apartment, has said that had the new furniture not been ordered, she would have happily kept all that Delight and Rudy provided. As a matter of fact, writing this has reminded me that I may be calling to ask them to come and look at my home to see what changes we can make to give it a lift while not spending a great deal of money. – Donna Harvey-Maybury