Orange Bay Company

Mark & Kira Jennings

We arrived in Bermuda in the beginning of 2009, having left most of our furniture back in storage in NY, as we did not know how long we were staying. We quickly fell in love with the beautiful island, it’s incredibly kind and generous residents and it’s laid back ideals. We then decided to plant our roots here, find a house, and bring in our furniture. (We want to stay for a long time!)However, since all of our furniture was brought for our NY apartment, I was somewhat stressed out about how it would fit into an island setting. Enter Delight! She TRANSFORMED the place into something I would have never even imagined. She came over for a consultation, we chatted, she looked around and took some notes. The next day (relatively unheard of in terms of interior decorators!) she came back with Rudy, and together, the two of them moved a lot of (heavy) furniture, hung pictures, staged bookcases and coffee tables, all with pieces and decor we had already owned! Delight truly has an eye for design and will transform your home into the place you want it to be. And the fact that she mostly uses things that you already own, mixed together with a few of her Orange Bay gems, makes her not only affordable in this economy, but incredibly aware of clients needs and wants. We are very grateful for her time, her consideration, and above all, her talent. She is incredibly insightful and gifted – you will not be disappointed! – Mark & Kira Jennings