We had a long way to go and virtually no time to accomplish it. Downsizing homes, coupled with the Cup Match weekend was not the best combination! However, working with flexible professionals like Delight and Rudy took a lot of stress out of the move. Thanks for your help in so many ways. – RobLee Womack, USA

Whether you are looking for an unusual accessory or a new look for an old room, Orange Bay Company should be your starting point. Delight has a designer’s eye combining fun and functionality. She willingly finds ways to incorporate those pieces that you want to keep. Her energy and passion for what she does inspires you to tackle all those “to-do” jobs. She did a sterling job in updating a bedroom and redoing another one that had been sitting unused since our daughter went off to school many years ago. The best testimonial was to hear our grown daughter say “Oh Mom, this is fabulous; you should have done this years ago!!!” – Sandy Mayor

Delight and Rudy Morris have put heart and soul into this store! Not only do they have an incredible eye for selecting one of a kind pieces, they also give back to the community. As a Bermudian, this is just one of the many reasons I choose to shop at Orange Bay Company… – Selange Gitschner, Bermuda

A visit to Orange Bay happens to be one of my favorite things to do on the weekend. – Tammy Gibbons, Bermuda