Pick up & Delivery

Pick Up

For large items such as furniture, the starting rate for a pick up is $95. Our trucker will assess your items upon arrival and the price will depend on accessibility and distance. Payment is not due up front but applied to your consignment account, and will go against the sale of your first item. Contact 295-5400 or info@orangebaycompany.com to arrange for a pick up.


To arrange a delivery of an item that you have purchased online or in-store, please contact 295-5400 or info@orangebaycompany.com. Item(s) can be delivered for a flat fee of $95.

General Trucking Sevices

Orange Bay Company is pleased to now offer general trucking services. Whether you’re moving house or simply need to transport large items from point A to point B, our trucker is available to transport freight, safely and efficiently, island-wide. To book, please contact 295-5400 or info@orangebaycompany.com.

Consignment Contract