Orange Bay Company


As new arrivals to the island, Orange Bay Company helped us furnish much of our home quickly and efficiently. We found the pieces to be modern, carefully selected, and of a good quality, and we have already recommended Orange Bay Company to our friends.– Anjali Lorentz, Canada

When I moved into my new place I looked for furniture at several local stores without much success finding things that matched my aesthetic. I was reminded of Orange Bay Company’s recent opening and decided to have a look. I loved their collection of furniture so much that 3/4 of the items I own were purchased from Orange Bay Company! – George Shakir, Bermuda

As a law student in London, one of my favorite pastimes was surveying the scene for antique items and the like from Portabella Market. Now that Orange Bay Company has arrived, I have my own Portabella Market here in Bermuda where I’m able to purchase interesting antiques and other such artifacts!!! It is so exciting locating a great find and a new home for lovely items purchased at Orange Bay Company! – Kim Wilson, Bermuda

My first visit to Orange Bay Company and I was hooked! Superior quality merchandise and superior presentation of items, the showroom display changes every weekend so I have to visit each Saturday or my weekend is not fulfilled! I never come out empty handed either! I buy for myself and friends who need help decorating. It has become my favorite store! The staff are wonderful too! IS IT SATURDAY YET??! – Maria MacPherson, Bermuda

Building? Remodeling? Relocating? Don’t buy another thing until you’ve visited Orange Bay Company. – Myrle Williams, Bermuda

Eclectic but refined, mixing flea market finds with upscale boutique purchases. – Nicole Hendrickson, Bermuda