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Join our esteemed family of ‘Orangistas’ who not only earn money through consignment but also relish in the thrill of discovering one-of-a-kind treasures in our store. Welcome to a community where your items find new homes and your journey with us is as rewarding as it is enriching.

Our Departments

Explore our diverse departments, each offering a unique selection of furniture, fashion, and home décor


Elevate your wardrobe with high-end pieces curated to embody timeless elegance and contemporary flair.


Discover a diverse selection of affordable, yet stylish pieces from
popular brands, perfect for everyday wear.


Uncover a curated range of furniture, art, and décor, meticulously chosen to add character and to your space.

Easy Access

As a member, you account status is always at your fingertips. Your balance, sales, account fees & printable forms can all be found on our website.

Member Fees

Get started with a $30 lifetime membership fee. Plus, a $2.50 monthly usage fee and a $2.50 payout processing fee.


Our members get 60% of the selling price for items valued at $500 or more, 50% for items valued between $100-500 and 40% for items valued at $100 and under.


Members are required to price their own items, however, occasionally we will amends based on the market conditions and demand.

Email Us

For furniture consignments, save time and transportation costs by sending us a picture ahead of time here to see if we can accept it into inventory and schedule a delivery time with our truckers.


Items MUST be in season, of high-quality and follow current market trends to be considered a right fit for our sales floor. We also reject knock-off brands because we respect the hard work of the makers.


As soon as your items are priced, the clock is set for a 90-day contract. The price of your consigned merchandise decreases by 15% each month.


We may drive sales with a seasonally appropriate sales incentive. Members agree to any
promotions or discounts to help promote their items and compete with other retailers.


Once you’re ready to cash-out, send us an email or give us a call. Payouts are made on the 10th of each month ONLY at the request of the member. Account credit can also be used as store credit anytime.

Share the Love

If your items are not sold within the 90 days we donate them to charity. High value items over $75 (at the initial ticketed price) can be collected up to 5 days after the expiration date

Important Documents

Our essential documents for consignment clarity.

Important Documents

Our essential documents for consignment clarity.

Consignment Contract General Terms & Conditions Designer Directory